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Brooks Q.

Houston, TX

Full-Day Birthday Trip Success!!!

Went fishing on June 7, 2020

On a dice roll for a fishing guide to book, on my wife’s birthday and first guided trip, I found Captain Jack Cooper. This trip couldn’t have been better. He has the heart of a teacher and makes everyone feel welcome as soon as you get to the dock. We had an amazing experience and will most certainly be back again! Thank you, Captain Jack!!!

 Brooks Q. recommends Team Liberty Guide Service, LLC  

Jennifer S.

Plano, TX

Morning trip with Captain Jack

Went fishing on May 30, 2020

Captain Jack was an amazing guide! He was very knowledgeable and experienced with the area. He took the time to explain to us how to entice the trout with the bait and the best way to set the hook. We caught anywhere from 20 to 25 trout but were only able to keep 10. It was a good morning of fishing! I would recommend this trip to anyone!

 Jennifer S. recommends Team Liberty Guide Service, LLC  

Emily H.

Corpus Christi, TX

Half-Day Trip with Jack Cooper

Went fishing on May 25, 2020

Jack is A+... hospitable, funny, knowledgeable, and sincere. We enjoyed every minute!!


Emily H. recommends Team Liberty Guide Service, LLC  

Justin F.

Austin, TX

Half day

 Went fishing on February 9, 2020

Conditions weren’t the best but he put us on fish all morning. I had a bast and will be going again.


Justin F. recommends Team Liberty Guide Service, LLC  

Google Review 

Helen Miller

September 2019

Captain Jack provided an exceptional experience for us. He was very professional and knew all the good spots to hit. He did not skimp on bait and kept us on the water as long as it took to limit out. I would highly recommend.


Emil Hermis Jr

July  2019

This was my 8 yr olds first fishing trip and it couldn't have been any better! Captain Jack is awesome. We will book again!


Dark Knight

September 2019

Wow-what a great trip I had with captain jack. This is the second year with him. My 3 boys had a great time catching so many fish with my 12yr old catching a 24in redfish. My wife and I couldn't be happier than ever. Quality family great time catching so many fish with my 12yr old catching a 24in redfish. My wife and I couldn't be happier than ever. Quality family time with an awesome captain. Thanks, captain jack.

And Boo Boo says hi looking forward to the next trip.

Megan Crocco

September 2019

Best experience ever! I had my brother-in-law and nephew in town and was looking to take them to the coast for a fun time. Captain Jack had us on the fish from the moment we started fishing until it was time to go in. He baited the hooks, untangled our lines (more than once), was patient with us beginners, and cleaned the catch when we got back. Highly recommend!



Erin Cargile

0ctober 2019

This was an awesome experience I would recommend to anyone! Captain Jack was very nice and was great with our kids, ages 5, 7, and 12.

Captain Jack provided an exceptional experience for us. He was very professional and knew all the good spots to hit. He did not skimp on bait and kept us on the water as long as it took to limit out. I would highly recommend a custom trip or personal.


Helen Miller 


We had an opportunity to fish with Captain Jack on July 6, 2019. As always we had a great time. We took our sons JR Villanueva and Aaron Garza on their first fishing trip with Captain Jack. We caught some nice redfish and trout. As always Captain was very patient and is a wealth of knowledge. Thanks so much, Captain, hope to see you soon.

John and Sylvia Villanueva - Dallas Texas


Incredible Outing with Captain Jack Cooper!  Professional, Responsible, and Knowledgeable.  My first Speckled Trout trip and never disappointed... the first cast was a 30” trophy.  I can’t wait to rebook and reload.

Chase Dickerson 


Half-day with Captain JackWent fishing on October 16, 2017Amazing trip!!!!!! Captain Jack was very professional.  He was knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend Liberty to anyone wanting a memorable experience.

Fished October 2017 Tim Olivarez Grand Prairie, Texas


Fishing with Jack Went fishing on November 20, 2017Fished November 2017 Don Ostler  San Antonio, Texas


Stephen Renwick 

Full day trip

If you want the big one's captain jack is your guy


Fished November 2017
Joseph Moebius  Stephen Renwick 


I went fishing with my dad today a few days before my birthday with Captain Jack on a full day trip. Turning 32 and we have been going guide fishing since I was about 10, Captain Jack is by far the best guide we have ever had.

The first cast I hooked a huge one that got away, the first cast my dad got a keeper spec. I then went on to catch the biggest Redfish (27 in) I have caught in my entire life. Then another huge one that severed the line. My dad caught the biggest spec he has caught in his entire life.

We ended up with an amazing haul and great fights, bites, and throwaways, along with so much fish meat we've been giving a lot away to friends and relatives - still with plenty to spare after about 5 feasts.

Captain Jack was everything you would expect from a retired member of our hero's in the armed forces and more. He was courteous, helpful, a great conversationalist with more knowledge about fishing and everything else than you would expect from anyone.

I would and will recommend him to anyone who asks for a Laguna Madre, Deep Sea/Amberjack, Diving, and any other type of guide. He goes out of his way to help you in any possible way. We will definitely be back to have another great day fishing with Captain Jack. Thank you again Captain Jack for an amazing day with my dad, and especially for your service.

Kyle Cox 

Full day with Capt Jack VERIFIED NEW Went fishing on Thursday, March 9, 2017What a great trip! My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Capt Jack is very professional, personable, knowledgeable and patient. All the qualities needed for a well-guided trip. He is a retired Army and a former drill sergeant but you would never know it…not like any DI I ever had. Very pleasant. We started the day as business and ended as friends. All that said, what also counts is the fishing. We targeted trout and reds. We also upped our personal size limit from 15” to 17” for trout and 20” to 24” for reds. Capt Jack delivered. We came home (RV with limited storage) with 5 reds and 3 trout. Released 3 times that much, half of which were legal-sized fish. Tackle used was perfect for fighting the fish without overpowering. Isn’t the fight what you want? Medium action spinning rods with new 30 series reels. The boat and tackle all handled the 15 kt winds we experienced exceptionally well. I will fish with Capt Jack again and highly recommend him for an enjoyable and productive day fishing. Stephen Renwick recommends Team Liberty Guide Service, LLC  Fished March 2017
Jack Cooper (The Captain)Replied to this review on Friday, March 10, 2017Stephen and Mrs. pence are very accomplished anglers and an absolute joy to fish with. Nothing has made me smile quite so big as watching Mrs. Penny set the hook on a big red. You folks are awesome.

Stephen Renwick 

Grandchildren's First Fishing Trip Went fishing on Wednesday, September 14, 2016Lots of Fun, Fish, and Sun for my Grandchildren’s first fishing trip. They learned to bait hooks, cast lines, and successfully land a catch with the patient help of Captain Jack Cooper of Team Liberty. What a great day! We are all anxious to head back out again soon with Captain Jack!
 Ann Waterhouse recommends Team Liberty Guide Service, LLC  Fished September 2016


Ann Waterhouse 

Full-Day Trip Went fishing on Wednesday, February 1, 2017I have gone with Capt. Jack on a couple of trips to the Land Cut, Baffin Bay, the Upper Laguna Madre, and CC Bay. We always have a great time and catch lots of fish! Capt. Jack is very knowledgeable about fish movement patterns and what type of baits to use to suit the environment you are fishing in. He also does a great job of making sure everyone is enjoying their trip and having fun. My fiancé was never a big fisherwoman but after a couple of trips with Capt. Jack she is asking to go all the time. Capt. Jack is a top-notch guide and is very personable and professional. I will definitely be taking more trips with him. Court Hill recommends Team Liberty Guide Service, LLC  Fished February 2017


Court Hill 

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